Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mon 28 Aug Cloudy


Talked to a couple of seniors these few days.. n we were discussing abt hw we felt abt working here..... we all agreed tat we r tired... in fact.... very tired...i had this tired feeling already on the 1st week i started work... but den i was i decided i wanted to stay and c how things goes....tis few days..among conversations.. the question of staying and leaving floated back i c any future in tis job... i happy here....?no.. all the questions i ask myself always gaf me a negative answer.....but.. i duno why i am still here....?

Thursday, August 24, 2006



Friends and relatives who know me will be surprised that one day i will write abt my mum.
Since i was young.. i had a very bad temper and tend to bang this temper on my mum....when my health took a turn for the worst when i was 14... my temper also became mum would accompany me on frequent visits to the hospitals.... but i would always shout at her.. insisting she should haf stayed at home and not come wif me... n always she bore my temper n never once fail to accompany me was until recently that i realised hw guilty of charge i was.... i realized my MUm haf reali struggled thru these years... taking care of my handicapped father... bearing wif my good for nothing brother,, and worrying that my health would follow the same fate as my Dad....She did so much for the family...n for the past 25 or so years i did not realise tat...recently my health became job is almost at a stable level and i haf learn to take things easy..... that was when my relationships wif my mum became good and better...she would always be the one who rush down to my workplace juz to pass me my usual dosage of medicine and the one who will wait no matter hw late for me to reach home at nite.. juz to ask me if i wanted dinner....i dun reali noe how to say thanks.. but all i can do is to keep my temper and learn to appreciate what she haf done for me... i hope its not too late

Aug 24 2006 Thurs.. sunny

Creating this blog has been what i wanted to do since last year.. but somehow i couldnt find the time and the right mood to do it...the past 9months or so... i haf been trying to come to terms wif some things... relationships.. careers and dreams...
N nw i haf finally semanage to get over somethings... my career is on the friends are gd... though i dun haf more den 10 friends.. but i guess the few friends i currebtly hang out wif are enuf....Who says u nid a wider life circle of friends? if u haf 200 friends and none of them cares.. whats the use? haha.. i go for Quality, not quantity.
Currently.. i am on job probation at a redemption company... and although i dun feel i haf been doing well... collegues ard me haf been giving me a high profile... i guess its becos i m the oni one who always walks ard carrying a notebook, taking down notes whenever i duno how to do.....but i dun feel like i wan to stay for long.. cos working hours are long and i duno if i even haf time to persuemy guitar dreams.. will c how la.. haha.. aniway.. me penning off le....When i return, i will bring back a new album for everyone to share... Stay tune...